IT Specialists

COREC has selected organizations to provide onsite technical administrative support and facilitate the achievement of meaningful use for Orange County providers. When you enroll in COREC, we identify the right IT specialist from our approved list of “service partners” to meet your needs.

Services provided include the following:

  • Education and outreach
  • Certified EHR vendor selection and group purchasing
  • EHR implementation and project management
  • Practice and workflow redesign
  • Partnerships with health information exchange (HIE)
  • Privacy and security best practices
  • Progress toward meaningful use
  • Meaningful use reporting

Types of IT Specialists

Comprehensive Service Partners

Provide onsite technical support to physicians who are enrolled as solo practitioners with COREC. They conduct a practice assessment and assist providers in selection an EHR platform and achieving meaningful use.

Approved comprehensive service partners include the following:

MedIT Resources
AMS – All Medical Solutions
e2o Health

Closed-Network Service Partners

Provide the technical assistance services only to providers who are affiliated with their medical organization and have selected an EHR platform to implement.

COREC examined the Orange County market and identified groups and associations uniquely positioned to serve COREC enrolled providers, including IPAs, management services organizations, medical groups, and hospitals that have an existing contractual relationship with a network of priority primary care providers and can demonstrate a “community-focused” business philosophy.

In addition, these organizations have an existing infrastructure that supports providers from an information technology perspective, such as electronic health records or health information exchange. They may also be providing subsidies for health information technology to providers within their network. These attributes make the organizations ideal partners for COREC.

Approved closed-network service partners include the following.

Friends of Family Health Center
Mission Internal Medical Group
Monarch HealthCare, A Medical Group, Inc.
Nautilus Medical Management
St Joseph Heritage Medical Group
St Jude Heritage Medical Group