Medi-Cal Pathway

The illustrations below summarize the steps necessary to receive incentive payments in Year I and Year II through Medi-Cal.

Key Differentiation

A key differentiation of the Medi-Cal program is that you are able to access upfront funding to help with the “adoption, implementation, or upgrade” of an EHR system the previous year.

Incentive Payment Amounts

In general, Medi-Cal providers who meet certain patient volume thresholds (outlined below) will qualify for up to $63,750 paid out over six years, beginning as early as 2011 or as late as 2016.

Unlike the Medicare program, the Medi-Cal program will not penalize physicians who do not demonstrate meaningful use. However, physicians who accept both Medicare and Medi-Cal will still be subject to reductions in Medicare payments if they have not achieved meaningful use by 2015, even if they are getting incentive payments through the Medi-Cal program.

For more information on Medi-Cal Incentive Payments, see the Medicaid Eligibility Tip Sheet and the California Medical Association EHR Desk Reference.

Pathway to Payment: Medi-Cal
Adopt, Implement & Upgrade

Pathway to Payment: Medi-Cal
Certified-EHR Upgrade/Implementation