Medi-Cal AIU Incentive

Medi-Cal AIU Incentive

In the first participating year of the Medi-Cal EHR Incentive Program, eligible providers will receive an incentive payment by adopting, implementing or upgrading (AIU) a Certified Electronic Health Record system. CMS defines AIU as:

  • Adopt: to acquire and install a certified EHR system
  • Implement: to begin using a certified EHR system
  • Upgrade: to expand a certified EHR system that is already in use

In the following year the eligible provider will need to implement and attest to meaningful use.

Attesting to AIU

Before the eligible provider can attest to AIU, they will need to register with CMS and the State Level Registry.

Providers attesting to AIU will need to upload the following required verification forms to the State Level Registry (SLR):

  1. The entire signed contract, lease or license; or
  2. Completed and signed Provider and Vendor EH Record Documentation Forms

To attest to AIU with the State Level Registry go to

To qualify for 2011 AIU incentive payment providers must attest to AIU by March 31, 2012.