Health Information Exchange

What is Health Information Exchange?

Health Information Exchange (HIE) connects hospitals, rehabilitation centers, long term care facilities, laboratories, imaging centers, clinics, community health centers and other healthcare organizations so patients receive the very best care. HIE is an integral component of the health information technology (HIT) infrastructure under development in the United States and the associated National Health Information Network (NHIN).

At the state level Cal eConnect facilitates HIE and in Orange County OCPRHIO is in the process of assisting health care professionals with the exchange of clinical data.

Cal eConnect serves as the state’s governance entity for HIE. Cal eConnect is responsible for meeting requirements set forth in the State’s grant agreement with the Federal Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). As part of its agreement with the California Health and Human Services Agency, Cal eConnect is responsible for enabling electronic health information exchange through governance, project management, policy development, development of core technical infrastructure, development of a financial sustainability plan and stakeholder engagement.

Formed in 2006, OCPRHIO is a community collaboration of health care providers whose mission is to facilitate health information exchange in Orange County. OCPRHIO helps health care provider share medical information with hospitals, doctors, nurses and healthcare workers. This will help health care professional provide the best care possible by facilitating the exchange of clinical data.